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OTC clearing

Benefit from the new regulatory landscape

Regulations within the OTC derivatives market are changing the entire landscape. Soon it will be mandated that vanilla OTC derivative transactions must be cleared through a central counterparty.

Are you ready?

Rule Financial can help you profit from the new market structure and regulatory framework. We have been advising the world's leading buy-side, sell-side, clearing houses and exchanges for over ten years. You can benefit from our experience.

How we can help

We will partner with you to help you to make any necessary changes so you can implement an effective solution in a realistic timeframe. Our OTC clearing services include:

  • An Executable plan provides you with the a realistic strategy to achieve client clearing by the regulatory deadline
  • A Margin Analytics Accelerator that includes a toolkit that can be tuned to the margin estimation module of any clearing house
  • Vendor Implementation services to help you choose and install the right solution to meet your immediate needs and strategic objectives
  • Strategic build out to implement a best-of-breed system augmented by value-added services

Rule Financial has extensive practical OTC derivatives experience. We can help you build a robust systems architecture, which integrates collateral management, and the OTC cleared trade lifecycle with risk management. This will enable you to increase automation, boost efficiency and achieve profitable growth. 


To find out how you can benefit from the changes in OTC clearing, click here to contact our specialists


Featured services

Featured specialists

David Field

Specialist in Clearing and Collateral Management
David Field

Ian Weavers

Specialist in Operational Strategy
Ian Weavers

Jeremy Taylor

Specialist in Operational Processing and Derivatives
Jeremy Taylor

James Tomkinson

Specialist in OTC Clearing and Collateral Management
James Tomkinson