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Switch from resolving errors to adding value, reducing cost and time by improving accuracy...

The Operations domain faces many challenges.  An increase in low latency trading puts pressure on existing systems and processes and also creates a demand for new functionality and services. There is a need to deliver a consistent, robust global service while keeping costs under control.  But, how do you:

  • Reduce the cost per trade to gain economies of scale across asset classes?
  • Provide sufficient capacity and capability to meet future demand?
  • Achieve true STP with a single point of input?

How we can help

Rule Financial can help you gain a transformational improvement in operational efficiency.  We have the skills and experience to make a sustainable increase to your bottom line.  Our approach enables you to unify processes to achieve scale, combined with a highly effective, flexible technical and operational deployment capability.  Choose Rule Financial and you will:

  • Improve operational efficiency to increase scale and improve time to market for new products
  • Reduce risk by increasing the quality and availability of financial and management information throughout the organisation
  • Shorten response times to business requests and improve operational agility

Why choose Rule Financial?

Rule Financial has delivered several successful projects within Operations.  You can benefit from our experience. We can offer you strategic advice and can help you redesign operational workflows and processes to increase efficiency and boost profitability.  Recent assignments include:

  • Plan, development and build of a Business Activity Management dashboard for a major bank 
  • Design of a client services operating model for a major Prime Services provider
  • Development of a client services portal for a major investment bank

To find out how you can transform your Operations, click here to contact our specialists


Featured services

Featured specialists

Derek Perry

Specialist in Operational Processing and Design
Derek Perry

Graeme Wood

Specialist in Operational Risk and Process
Graeme Wood

Marina Potok

Specialist in OTC, Structured and Securitised Products
Marina Potok