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Agile operational efficiency

Cost effectively identifying sustainable savings and obtaining rapid return on investment (ROI) is the main challenge of today’s operational managers.

With increasing pressure being placed upon bank IT infrastructure and budgets, cost reduction continues to be at the top of the industry’s agenda. Increasingly, year-on-year improvements in operational efficiency of 10%-20% are being demanded from operations managers. However, the simplest cost saving strategies have already been implemented and it is becoming increasingly difficult to continually deliver these efficiency improvements.

  • Functions have been migrated to low cost geographies
  • Manual practices have been automated
  • Straight through processing (STP) has been maximised
  • Headcounts have been significantly depleted

Furthermore, recent regulatory reforms (such as Dodd Frank, FATCA, EMIR and Basel III) require large-scale investment in compliance initiatives, leaving little budget available for any proposed operational efficiency / cost reduction initiatives, which in order to succeed, must also demonstrate an exceptional business case with the promise of a rapid return on investment.

How we can help

The Rule Financial solution recognises that much of the information required to enable improved operational efficiency resides in existing documentation and / or with existing operational staff. However, the challenge faced by the institution is that they rarely have the capacity or understanding of the techniques required in order to connect and utilise such knowledge.

Our operations specialists utilise an agile operational efficiency methodology to challenge current operating models, processes, and / or control points and accelerate the process. The Rule Financial approach uses a flexible delivery technique in an operational iteration, in order to rapidly:

  • Identify potential cost-reduction 'themes' in consultation with the business lines
  • Collate documentation and knowledge
  • Collate potential discussion points
  • Define basic user stories in a series of workshops with participants across varying business lines
  • Enhance user stories to cover all requirements without excess
  • Break down user stories into two week deliverables, which are then agreed and prioritised according to the needs of the business head - a process that is repeated for each set of user stories until project completion

Why choose Rule Financial?

Our agile operational efficiency service enables a rapid acceleration of the process to improve efficiencies and cut costs within your organisation; utilising the deep domain knowledge and experience of our operations specialists. These increased efficiencies and reduced costs are achieved through a short, iterative and easily measurable process.

The Rule Financial approach provides:

  • Cross market expertise and advice on how best to achieve business targets
  • The opportunity to foster thought and opinion within the business and to implement organic change
  • An agile prioritisation process allowing flexibility as priorities change
  • The opportunity to achieve rapid and tangible business benefits and ROI
  • The opportunity to thoroughly evaluate processes in order to discover where large scale re-engineering is required
  • A scalable analysis and delivery process that can be scoped around individual themes, single departments or across multiple operations

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