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Risk management

Managing ever more complex market and credit risks... 

Risk Management is growing in importance and is of increasing interest to all bank stakeholders.  In practice, risk has become a key business driver and a vital component of the decision-making process. A significant portion of bank IT spending is on risk measurement technology but requirements are continually changing. In practice, Risk Management can be a daunting challenge.  For example, how do you:

  • Identify, quantify and manage risk across all departments and locations?
  • Implement a robust risk management framework that meets immediate and emerging needs?
  • Establish best practices to risk assessment and management?
    Install, maintain and support the right IT solution to an agreed budget?

How we can help

Rule Financial has a deep understanding of Risk Management and the issues and challenges. This reflects our extensive practical experience of the Risk Management, Treasury and Front Office functions gained with some of the world's major investment banks.  We can help you:

  • Design, build and implement powerful risk solutions to meet your immediate needs and strategic objectives
  • Stay ahead of the competition with our advisory service that helps you benefit from the new trading environment  while meeting stringent regulatory requirements
  • Profit from change and turn the risk management challenge into an opportunity
  • Implement procedures and systems that quantify and manage different types and sources of risk across different departments and locations

Why choose Rule Financial?

Rule Financial has the right business and technical expertise to help you succeed in the new risk environment.  We have a dedicated team of risk experts with a wealth of experience gained at the heart of the industry. You can profit from this experience.  Recent examples of our work include:

  • Defining margin, risk exposure measures and limits and a target operating model, processes and controls for the prime services business of a Tier 1 bank
  • Developing the target architecture for tactical and strategic risk infrastructure for a Tier 1 bank's prime services business as well as developing the tactical risk engine solution
  • Integrating a risk management platform for a European bank, covering market risk, credit risk, and limits management
  • Risk and financial consolidation architecture, enabling a Tier 1 bank to produce a weekly balance sheet and enhanced reporting on  RWAs, credit risk, and associated regulatory reporting

To find out how we can accelerate your Risk Management project click here to contact our specialists


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