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Securities finance

The world of securities finance is constantly changing... 

Legislation is a key market driver and new regulations create opportunities and threats.  Technology plays a vital role and cross-business solutions are a prerequisite to business success.  In many cases, a new approach is required and there are difficult questions to answer. For example, how do you:

  • Measure the impact of OTC central clearing?
  • Establish an enterprise view of assets for collateral management and optimisation?
  • Encourage asset lenders to lend more in a climate of low returns?
  • Manage 'business as usual' in a constantly changing environment?

How we can help

Rule Financial can help you in all areas of Securities Finance. We have many years of experience gained at the heart of the industry and have a deep understanding of the challenges you face.  In many cases you can benefit from our standard business landscapes and architectures to accelerate a programme of work.  For example, we can:

  • Create and manage an RFI /RFP programme according to a target architecture
  • Design and build an automated test framework for vendor or in-house systems
  • Automate the review, validation and updating of legal agreements in line with current industry regulation and practices
  • Execute a programme to decommission systems - a vital component of any change programme 

Why choose Rule Financial?

Rule Financial has a proven track record in Securities Finance. We can help you maximise the benefits of the new market landscape by turning our specialist knowledge into a competitive advantage and consequently enjoy lasting business benefits.  Examples of Rule Financial assignments within Securities Finance include:

  • The Creation of an Inventory Management and Collateral Optimisation strategy and associated programme of change
  • An Equity Finance and Repo system - selection, recommendation and implementation
  • Systems integration partner, working with a major investment bank and vendor - including data transformation and migration, interfaces and test automation
  • Provider of Global One Managed Service throughout multiple global locations.

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