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Collateral optimisation

Collateral Management has grown in importance.  Once viewed as a support function, it has been forced into the limelight by several high-profile investment bank failures. All banks are more aware of the risks they face and tighter regulations require all to demonstrate control of their own, and their clients' assets.

One of the challenges of collateral management is obtaining a consolidated view of positions across the bank. This can be a major challenge in a legacy systems environment where data exists in silos. For many banks, collateral management is manually intensive, time-consuming and expensive. It is also prone to errors and is a source of risk.

Collateral optimisation processThe collateral optimisation process: Inputs and outputs

How we can help

Rule Financial has a deep understanding of the challenges of Collateral Optimisation. We can help you create and deliver a collateral management strategy quickly and effectively by reviewing business processes throughout your bank. Choose Rule Financial and you can:

  • Achieve a commanding view of assets across the company
  • Ensure liquidity levels are maintained and optimised
  • Establish benchmarks to gauge systems performance, capacity and weaknesses

Why choose Rule Financial?

Rule Financial has a wealth of practical experience in Securities Finance. We can help you realise the benefits of the new regulatory landscape and to profit from change. We have worked with the Securities Finance departments of many major investment banks and you can benefit from our experience.

To find out how we can accelerate your collateral optimisation project click here to contact our specialists

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