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Traders face many challenges...

There is always pressure to do more, to trade higher volumes across more asset classes in new geographies. However supporting an increasing number of trading venues can be daunting and raises serious questions. For example, how do you:

  • Ensure that you obtain best prices in all execution venues?
  • Get closer to the pricing window and stay protected from another flash crash in a low-latency trading environment?
  • Profit from the new regulatory landscape?
  • Attract more clients to your platform and retain them?  

How we can help

Rule Financial can help you meet your trading objectives across a wide range of instruments. We have the skills and experience to help you work smarter and achieve more with limited resource.  You can benefit from our advice and practical help on all aspects of trading, including:

  • A range of specialist propositions for the front office
  • Extensive technical and business knowledge of single dealer platforms and distribution
  • Performance tuning to optimise transactions throughout the lifecycle
  • Testing capabilities to ensure accuracy and resilience of data
  • Specialist experience of the e-portal world

Why choose Rule Financial?

Rule Financial has the right mix of specialist business and technical skills. We can offer advice and technical solutions that will transform your operating environment and make a lasting improvement to your bottom line.  Our practical help includes:

  • Talented quants, ex-traders and risk experts   
  • Strong track record of building next-generation trading tools
  • Experience in designing and developing client portals
  • Straight-through processing guidance throughout the full trade lifecycle

To find out how we can transform your trading environment, click here to contact  our specialists

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