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As you may be aware, Rule Financial has been part of the GFT Group since June 2014

From 1st January 2015, we will no longer be using the Rule Financial brand, and all our content and communications will be incorporated into the GFT website at

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Working globally

As a Rule Financial consultant you could be working on a global project with colleagues and clients around the world from your home location. Those with an appetite to travel may have the opportunity to spend time working in a different country. In our experience, consultants usually find these opportunities an enriching experience that accelerates learning and improves career prospects. We always encourage consultants to seize such opportunities and will provide any necessary support, including language and cultural training.

The Rule Financial culture is creative and dynamic. We have an entrepreneurial spirit that embraces change and leverages diversity. However, we retain the highest standards of service excellence and integrity. As a Rule Financial consultant you will be part of an international team in one of the largest global consultancies focused on financial services, with unparalleled knowledge and expertise.

A career at Rule Financial offers a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience with some of the world's top investment banks and other financial institutions. Join a diverse team of talented individuals who are committed to excellence.

Our locations

Rule Financial has headquarters in the City of London (UK) and offices in New York City and Boston (USA) and Toronto (Canada). We also have specialist nearshore delivery centres in Costa Rica, Spain and Poland.

You can read more about working at Rule Financial in Poland, by clicking here.


Chris Winch

Head of Human Resources and Talent Management & Operations
Chris Winch

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