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As you may be aware, Rule Financial has been part of the GFT Group since June 2014

From 1st January 2015, we will no longer be using the Rule Financial brand, and all our content and communications will be incorporated into the GFT website at

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Global delivery

Harness the power of our structured approach to deliver quality services across multiple domains and jurisdictions.

Rule Financial has offices in the financial centres of the City of London, New York, Boston and Toronto. Here our consultants work closely with their counterparts within our client organisations. We also have global delivery development centres in the cities of Łódź (Poland), Poznań (Poland), Barcelona (Spain) and Heredia (Costa Rica). We will work with you to develop solutions in the right business locations, whether that is onshore, nearshore, offshore, or a combined location approach. You also have the comfort of knowing that all of our development is based on our proven rulebook™ methodology.


Nearshore composite

  • Provides highly scalable software development and support teams with tailored business training to support technical delivery requirements
  • Supports a wide range of diverse technologies and applications
  • Has particular expertise in developing very high performance applications
  • Opened in March 2013, Poznań is a 'sister' development centre to the highly successful operation in Łódź
  • The new centre provides access to an additional pool of highly talented resources, allowing us to scale delivery teams to meet increasing client demand
  • The Poznań development centre continues to grow rapidly, capitalising on the experiences gained in Łódź
  • A centre of excellence for Securities Finance and Prime Brokerage applications
  • Ideally located to allow Rule Financial to attract the best professionals from all over Europe
Costa Rica
  • Opened in August 2013, the development centre in Heredia, Costa Rica provides nearshore development services to our growing North American client base
  • The location is perfectly positioned to provide consistently high quality nearshore IT services from a stable country, with an established technical community and a time zone that aligns with New York business hours

Why choose Rule Financial?

Rule Financial will provide the right blend of technical skill and domain knowledge to help you through the full solution lifecycle,  from business case structuring, requirements and architecture definition, development, testing and deployment. Choose Rule Financial to help realise business benefits sooner while mitigating the risks involved in your project.

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Featured service

Gareth Richardson

Head of Delivery
Gareth Richardson

Our flexible approach to delivery, coupled with our established domain and discipline knowledge enables us to provide solutions that help financial institutions to excel

Gareth Richardson, Head of Delivery

Piotr Kania

Country Manager, Poland
Piotr Kania

Alex Fernandez

Country Manager, Costa Rica
Alex Fernandez

Amrik Chawla

Managing Director for the Americas
Amrik Chawla

Paul Kelly

Country Manager, Spain
Paul Kelly