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As you may be aware, Rule Financial has been part of the GFT Group since June 2014

From 1st January 2015, we will no longer be using the Rule Financial brand, and all our content and communications will be incorporated into the GFT website at

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Our unique methods facilitate a consistent approach to service delivery

As a client you will know exactly what to expect at all stages of the project, how the service is delivered. This fulfils our guiding principle of delivering quality on time, all the time. Our rulepath™ methodology includes a best-of-breed approach within a practical framework of consistent governance.

Our overall rulepath™ methodology is made up of individual rulebooks that define what happens and what is delivered at each stage. Each rulebook™ is covered in more detail below. For more on the overarching rulepath™ methodolgy click here.

Project: rulebook™
This is a project delivery approach which incorporates concepts from SCRUM, XP, RUP and Lean Manufacturing. It delivers pragmatic, agile solutions that produce quantifiable business benefits in a realistic timeframe.

Testing: rulebook™
This provides an end-to-end testing process definition that ensures our consultants conduct all testing activities in the most effective and efficient way.  Choose Rule Financial and you have the comfort of knowing that testing is performed to the highest standard with nothing being left to chance.

AMS: rulebook™
This is a phased knowledge and process transition to manage the transfer of your application support services. It addresses the full lifecycle: service analysis and evaluation, service transition, application support and maintenance, service governance and service management.

Governance: rulebook™
This incorporates both programme management and technology governance. This enables us to manage all aspects of IT strategy with great precision, from programme shaping and mobilisation through to transition management.