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  • Carl Bones

    The only way is excellence - How IT and Operations can achieve it together

    20 Oct 2014: In the first of an exciting three part series entitled 'The only way is excellence – How IT and Operations can achieve it together', Carl Bones (Specialist in Architecture, Rule Financial) analyses the recent developments in IT technology and operations. In the first blog '“You can’t manage what you can’t measure” – Designing IT for Operational Excellence', Carl focuses specifically on the latest trends in proactive design.

  • Jon Cooke

    So where are we with Big Data?

    13 Oct 2014: Following the recent launch of GFT’s blue paper entitled ‘Big Data – Uncovering Hidden Business Value in the Financial Services Industry', Jon Cooke (Specialist in Big Data, Rule Financial) examines the current state of Big Data affairs and emphasises the reasons why it will prove to be so valuable.

  • John Barclay

    BCBS239: Keeping calm and carrying on

    29 Sep 2014: As the very nature of BCBS239 continues to overwhelm firms, John Barclay (Specialist in Market and Credit Risk) explores the value of the regulation and the importance of keeping a cool head to tackle it.

  • Luke Trigg

    Small Data - it's not Big...but it is clever

    23 Sep 2014: Natural language document processing of counterparty contracts sounds like another Big Data problem, but at its heart this is really about very ‘Small Data’. Luke Trigg (Specialist in Data Extraction, Rule Financial) explores how banks are coping with the issue and also possible solutions to a not very simple problem.

  • Ian Weavers

    It all means nothing without intellect and anticipation

    8 Sep 2014: In the last in our series on the principles that can drive the evolution of banking operations, Ian Weavers (Specialist in Operational Strategy, Rule Financial) highlights the importance of intelligence and anticipation, alongside the ‘No Compromise’ approach necessary in order to make transformation a reality.