Points of view

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    BCBS239: A behemoth is born

    With firms in need of a pragmatic approach in order to achieve BCBS239 compliance, John Barclay and David Field examine the practical elements of implementation and analyse why it is a change worth adopting.

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    The EMIR compliance game

    With the next EMIR deadline rapidly approaching on the 12th of August. Emily Cates and Amrik Chawla explore the current state of the 'compliance game' and what challenges can be expected in the months ahead.

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    Buyside collateral management

    Following the recent 'Buyside collateral management challenges and opportunities webinar', David Field and his counterpart at 4sight, Paul WIlson have co-authored a new point-of-view exploring and expanding upon the key topics covered. You can watch a full-length recording of the webinar and download the paper here.

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    Needle in a haystack

    This paper explores current trends and limitations in management information production, as well as the benefits of a comprehensive data policy in any large-scale data programme, including the five elements involved in ‘data alignment’.

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    The changing times

    A torrent of regulation has wrought major changes to the world of OTC clearing. Commenting on the shifting regulatory landscape, Rule Financial specialists outline the impact of mandatory clearing, exchange trading and trade reporting on market participants.